An experienced team currently manages the company with over 30 years in construction and rural development with solid track record and varying achievements.

Board of Directors made up of professionals of varied backgrounds is responsible for directing the affairs of the Company. It makes policies and holds the Managing Director responsible for their implementation.

Key Staff Profile

Mr. Cobbina has MSc. Broadband and Mobile Communication Networks from the University of Kent, UK and BSc. In Computer Science from East London College, UK. He has a vast experience in nanotechnology/ photonics, optical and wireless communication systems. His experience in project management and problem solving brings him to the forefront of construction in Ghana.

He has a great ability in the management of engineering projects within time and budget. He is the founder of Mericom Construction Ghana Limited and has since the formation of this Company steered it from its humble beginning to its present status.

Mr.Kutsienyo has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Information Systems and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Until recently Mr. Kutsienyo was part of the team streamlining Information Technology Hardware solutions at Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) in Tema. He is experienced in Information Technology Configuration, Troubleshooting, Installation and Implementation. He is a co-founder of Mericom Construction Ghana Limited.

Mr. Reeskamp is a very experienced Project director, Project Manager and senior Engineer in the field of civil and maritime infrastructure. He used to be the head of Ports, Waterways and Coastal Development group of DHV. He has a large national but also a large international expertise in ports, maritime and civil infrastructure. His main expertise lies in coastal and maritime works such as harbour design and planning, harbour works such as quays, dams, breakwaters, jetties and infrastructure etc. In these fields he has extensive experience in studies, design, making of contract documents, contracting of works and in the construction phase.

A large part of the projects he has been involved in are complex multidisciplinary projects. Besides the technical expertise these projects often involve economical and architectural fields of expertise. Based on his experience with complex multi-disciplinary projects, he gives courses on the subject of risk management. He is an active PIANC member and is part of the Dutch Water-Front committee dealing with maritime and water related projects including research and development in and of these fields. He is also a Member of the Royal Institute of Engineers in the Netherlands (KIVI).

Alex  Capel  received  in  2002  his  MSc  degree  in  Civil  Engineering  at  the  Delft University  of  Technology.  He specialised in hydraulic and coastal engineering. Alex  Capel  gained  a  wide  international  experience  in  the  design  of  coastal structures like rubble mound breakwaters and quay walls.  Furthermore he acted as a specialist in several dike and levee safety projects in the Netherlands.  Alex developed skills in numerical modelling for ports and marina’s in relation to wave design conditions and morphology processes. Also the application of specialised computer  software  to  define  ship  responses  when  berthed  and  optimisations  to mooring layouts for Oil tankers and LPG/LNG vessels is one of his expertises.

Alex  Capel  currently  acts  as  senior  project  manager  for  several  international clients,  who  ask  for  physical  modelling  and  numerical  modelling  studies  within their  projects.  He  is  also  the  programme  manager  of  the  Coastal  and  River Structures Programme within Deltares’ Delta Infrastructure Theme. He develops new knowledge related to coastal structures within the R&D projects.

These projects involve amongst others:

  • Rubble mound breakwater and rock revetments
  • Scour protections
  • Cost-optimisation and Risk Control in Designing
  • Physical modelling of Approach Channel Refraction Processes
  • Block revetments
  • Wave overtopping reduction of Coastal Structures

Mr. A.P. Luijendijk has a wide experience in various disciplines of coastal engineering. As a project manager and team member, he participated in various projects related to hydrodynamics (waves, currents), coastal morphology (sediment transports, coastal impact, and scour) and coastal infrastructure (ports, groins, and breakwaters).

Mr. Luijendijk gained experience in working with advanced numerical modelling techniques in the field of tides, sediment transport, density driven flows, waves and wave-current interaction. His present role is as senior advisor in consultancy projects regarding hydrodynamics, waves and morphology.

Mr.  Luijendijk is coordinator of the Coastal Engineering market team and related research topics. Such coastal  engineering  R&D  projects  include  studies  on  the  numerical  modeling  on aggregated  time-  and  spatial  scales,  seamless  modelling  methods,  input schematization reduction techniques, and uncertainty quantification methods.  Countries of work experience are Angola, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Guyana, Jordan, Netherlands, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United States and European Union. In 2013, Mr.  Luijendijk  started  his  research  with  the  STW  programme  Nature Coast focused  on  the  Sand  Engine  pilot  experiment.  His  research  focus  is  on  the  physical feasibility  of  mega-nourishment  concepts  worldwide.  In parallel he started his PhD research on seamless modelling for coastal morphological modelling.

Sampson is a competent hydraulic engineer/hydrologist with more than 13 years successful field experience in drainage, hydro geometry, bathymetry studies, groundwater modelling, hydrological reporting and analysis.

Excellent in surface and groundwater modelling test and data analysis, ensuring efficient level of drainage and sewerage works, carrying out work area inspections to ensure fulfillment with approved designs and agreed goals, coordinating with geotechnical contractors for quality assurance and quality control.

Sampson has MSc. Water Resources Engineering from KNUST, Ghana, and MSc. Engineering Project Management from Coventry University, UK.

Samuel is a Certified Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana (ICAG) and a holder of MBA in Finance. Samuel is an enthusiastic professional with an overall working experience of Eleven (12) years.

He is a certified IFC Trainer and has headed various companies in Ghana rising to a Group Finance Manager in the process for one of the group of companies he has managed. He is also a project coordinator who has handled various projects including the New Takoradi coastal protection works. He has an eye for accuracy and timing in execution of projects.

Our Vision

“To be a world class engineering and construction firm that stands out without compromising quality in execution of our works”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our business practices in terms of safety, quality, service delivery per client’s expectation, environmental protection, as well as the international expansion of our business operation”.

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