Mericom Construction Ghana Ltd. believes that a responsible workforce is a fundamental right of every person and also a business significance. Our workplace rights policy requires that we take responsibility to maintain an efficient workplace in every part of our various project sites by minimizing the risk of accidents, injury and exposure to health hazard for all our employees, including Labourers, associates and other sub­contractors.

Strategic Alliance

“No one is an island” as the saying goes. We therefore seek to establish and maintain affiliations with other establishments, which share similar objectives with Mericom Construction Ghana Ltd. The Organization has several institutions that it consults with. Mericom Construction partners include Zenith Bank Ghana Limited, DEM Ghana, Caterpillar, JCB, Royal HaskoningDHV etc.

In addition to its permanent staff, Mericom Construction has some professionals in the field of management, planning, environmental science, rural water and sanitation, aquaculture, civil engineering, hydrological services etc., who provide expert advice.

Future Outlook

Mericom Construction Ghana Limited has embarked on a 10 – year drive to attract more clients, grow the business firmly and establish it within the market. This it hopes to achieve through research and development. Customer satisfaction is key, hence we will do everything possible to give our clients the best.

Our Vision

“To be a world class engineering and construction firm that stands out without compromising quality in execution of our works”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our business practices in terms of safety, quality, service delivery per client’s expectation, environmental protection, as well as the international expansion of our business operation”.

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